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ODE AGAINST DESPAIR: LE SPLEEN, by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Farewell, thou dimpled cherub, joy
Last Line: "my last, fond, falt'ring words to hear!"
Subject(s): Despair

FAREWELL, thou dimpled cherub, Joy,
Thou rose-crown'd ever-smiling boy,
Wont thy sister Hope to lead,
To dance along the primrose mead!
No more, bereft of happy hours,
I seek your lute-resounding bow'rs,
But to yon ruin'd tow'r repair,
To meet the god of groans, Despair;
Who, on that ivy-darken'd ground,
Still takes at eve his silent round,
Or sits yon new-made grave beside,
Where lies a frantic suicide:
While lab'ring sighs my heart-strings break,
Thus to the sullen power I speak:
"Haste with thy poison'd dagger, haste,
To pierce this sorrow-laden breast!
Or lead me, at the dead of night,
To some sea-beat mountain's height,
Whence with headlong haste I'll leap
To the dark bosom of the deep;
Or show me, far from human eye,
Some cave to muse in, starve, and die;
No weeping friend or brother near,
My last, fond, falt'ring words to hear!"

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