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First Line: The moa, is, alas, extinct
Last Line: By nobody but me and noah.
Subject(s): Extinct Animals

The Moa, is, alas, extinct;
And I, for one, am sadly grieving.
I wonder if the Moa blinked
In woe, as he the earth was leaving.

I don't know why I miss him so
(Of course, I never really knew him);
But I've a feeling -- don't you know --
I want to write a tribute to him.

His very name, as I have found,
Is like a sobbing dirge, when whispered;
I never heard a sadder sound
Than "Moa -- Moa --" softly lispered.

Before extinct, he lived among
The distant reaches of New Zealand.
His threnody should have been sung
By Poet Heine, say, -- or Wieland.

But they refrained. So I've essayed
To sing thy cherished name, oh, Moa!
Cherished too likely, I'm afraid,
By nobody but me and Noah.

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