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SONGS OF THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE: 5, by                    
First Line: If god would grant my love his health
Last Line: "that we two loved each other tenderly, / and loyally, my love, together died"
Subject(s): Russia; Soviet Union;russians

IF God would grant my love his health,
Were it but for one idle day,
Though it were only for one little hour, --
Then would I wander with my love,
Would tread the mossy turf,
Would pluck the flowerets blue,
Would weave a garland for my love,
And place it on my darling's head.
Then homewards leading him in glad content,
Would say, "My hope, my love!
We two will keep together, love,
Nor part, my darling, till at death
We say farewell forever to the light:
Leaving behind us some such fame as this, --
That we two loved each other tenderly,
And loyally, my love, together died."

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