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THE COURT OF BERLIN, by                    
First Line: "king frederick, of prussia, grew nervous and ill"
Last Line: Though even the palace come down
Subject(s): Courts & Courtiers;prussia

KING Frederick, of Prussia, grew nervous and ill
When pacing his chamber one day,
Because of the sound of a crazy old mill
That clattered so over the way.

"Ho, miller!" cried he, "what sum shall you take
In lieu of that wretched old shell?
It angers my brain and it keeps me awake."
Said the miller, "I want not to sell."

"But you must," said the king, in a passion for once.
"But I won't," said the man, in a heat.
"Gods! this to my face? Ye are daft, or a dunce --
We can raze your old mill with the street."

"Ay, true, my good sire, if such be your mood,"
Then answered the man with a grin;
"But never you'll move it the tenth of a rood
As long as a court's in Berlin."

"Good, good," said the king, -- for the answer was grand,
As opposing the Law to the Crown, --
"We bow to the court, and the mill shall stand,
Though even the palace come down."

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