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ARCHEANASSA, by ASCLEPIADES OF SAMOS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Archeanassa lieth here
Last Line: Through what a fire you passed!
Alternate Author Name(s): Asklepiades Of Samos
Subject(s): Courtesans; Graves; Tombs; Tombstones

AULD REIKIE, by ROBERT FERGUSSON    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Auld reikie, wale o' ilka toun
Last Line: But gallop'd to edina's shore.
Alternate Author Name(s): Ferguson, Robert
Subject(s): Courtesans; Day; Night; Summer; Bedtime

BU SUANZI, by YAN RUI    Poem Source                
First Line: It is not that I love the courtesan's life
Last Line: Don't ask where I would go to dwell
Subject(s): Courtesans

CHORUS-GIRL, by MARY ATWATER TAYLOR    Poem Text                
First Line: Poised like a fire-fly, burnished steel and blue
Last Line: And ash instead of firelight in her face!
Subject(s): Courtesans

E. OF DORSET: 2. PHRYNE, by ALEXANDER POPE    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Phryne had talents for mankind
Last Line: Then painted butterflies.
Subject(s): Courtesans; Sackville, Thomas, 1st Earl Of Dorset; Buckhurst, Baron

LITTLE SU'S TOMB, by LI HE    Poem Source                
First Line: Dew on the hidden orchid
Last Line: Beneath western mound %wind blows the rain
Subject(s): China - Tang Dynasty (618-905); Courtesans; Graves; Su Xiao-xiao (little Su)

STORY OF RHODOPE, by JAMES LAUGHLIN    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Has always attracted me she
Last Line: You needed some literary love
Subject(s): Courtesans

TO A COURTESAN, by LU QINGZI    Poem Source                
First Line: In skirt of kingfisher blue
Last Line: Than collator xue of long ago
Subject(s): Courtesans

First Line: Lean, shrunken limbs that were so finely formed
Last Line: Your splendid soul!
Subject(s): Courtesans; Old Age

VETERAN SIRENS, by EDWIN ARLINGTON ROBINSON    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The ghost of ninon would be sorry now
Last Line: So far from ninon and so near the grave.
Subject(s): Aging; Courtesans; Lenclos, Anne De (1620-1705); Ninon De Lenclos