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BOOK I. 12. THE POET DESERTED, by SEXTUS PROPERTIUS    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Know-all rome, why not stop falsely accusing me
Last Line: Cynthia was first and cynthia shall be last
Subject(s): False Accusations

ENVY; A FRAGMENT, by JANE BOWDLER    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Ye pleasing dreams of heavenly poesy
Last Line: But transient still and vain are envy's wretched joys.
Subject(s): Envy; False Accusations; Human Behavior; Conduct Of Life; Human Nature

THE ARRAIGNMENT OF A LOVER, by GEORGE GASCOIGNE    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: At beauty's bar as I did stand
Last Line: Ever or never
Subject(s): Beauty; False Accusations

WHISPERED LIES, by SARAH SPENCER ROE    Poem Text                
First Line: Their lies / are snakes, which crawl
Last Line: Their sting.
Subject(s): Animals; False Accusations; Lies; Snakes; Serpents; Vipers

WINTER, by LUIS KUTNER    Poem Source                
First Line: Summer's rugged recklessnes, once defiant, now must repay
Last Line: There is daily death to your %loyalty, if you do not avenge a friend falsely accused
Subject(s): False Accusations; Friendship; Loyalty