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BABY FLAMINGO, by JULIE HOUY    Poem Source                
First Line: A wobbly-legged
Last Line: Not quite ready yet %to copy mama
Subject(s): Flamingos

FLAMINGO, by J. PATRICK LEWIS    Poem Source                
Last Line: Drink %of %something %pink
Subject(s): Flamingos

FLAMINGO, by UNKNOWN    Poem Source                
First Line: Flamingo, what has brought you here?
Last Line: Why have you come? Go home again %before some fool calls you a crane
Subject(s): Flamingos

FLAMINGO WATCHING, by KAY RYAN    Poem Text             Recitation by Author     Poet's Biography
First Line: Wherever the flamingo goes,
Subject(s): Flamingos; Individuality

FLAMINGOES, by MEREDITH JONES    Poem Text                
First Line: These dreams / are the flamingoes of my heart
Last Line: Ravens?
Subject(s): Flamingos

FLAMINGOES, by HARRIET SENNETT    Poem Source                
First Line: Over the wide reach of emerald rushes
Subject(s): Birds; Flamingos

FLAMINGOS, by ERIC ORMSBY    Poem Source                
First Line: My quarrel with your quorum, monsignor
Last Line: Their pink flocks forage in that loneliness
Subject(s): Flamingos

FLAMINGOS; JARDIN DE PLANTES, PARIS, by RAINER MARIA RILKE    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: With all the subtle paints of fragonard
Last Line: But they stretch out, astonished, and one by one %stride into their imaginary world
Subject(s): Flamingos; Paris, France

First Line: This manicured stretch of maui coast brings well-heeled tourists
Last Line: Like transplanted pink flamingoes
Subject(s): Flamingos; Hawaii; Seashore; Tourists

THE FLAMINGO, by LEWIS GAYLORD CLARK    Poem Text                
First Line: Oh! Tell me have you ever seen a red, long-leg'd flamingo?
Last Line: A water bird, a gawky bird, a sing'lar bird, by jingo!
Subject(s): Bodies; Flamingos; Voices

THE FOOLISH FLAMINGO, by AMOS RUSSEL WELLS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The foolish flamingo she looked in the glass
Last Line: Ah, foolish flamingo!
Subject(s): Flamingos

THE TURTLE AND THE FLAMINGO, by JAMES THOMAS FIELDS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: A lively young turtle lived down by the banks
Last Line: The green, but a very mock turtle!
Subject(s): Flamingos; Turtles; Tortoises