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49', by CINCINNATUS HEINE MILLER                Poet's Biography
First Line: We have worked our claims
Last Line: We shall strike it up in the stars
Alternate Author Name(s): Miller, Joaquin
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners

A BUSH LEGEND, by MARIE E. J. PITT    Poem Text            
First Line: Back in the heart of the gippsland hills
Last Line: Listens and makes no sign.
Subject(s): Death; Gold Mines & Miners; Legends; Dead, The

A BUSH SECRET, by BERNARD MCELHILL    Poem Text            
First Line: The sun had set, and weary walked
Last Line: A secret of the bush.
Subject(s): Deception; Gold Mines & Miners

A MAN PROSPECTING, by J. E. LIDDLE    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: A man prospecting for the gold
Last Line: He weakened, raved, and soon he died.
Alternate Author Name(s): Kodak; Liddle, John Edward
Subject(s): Aborigines, Australian; Death; Deserts; Food & Eating; Gold Mines & Miners; Insanity; Pain; Dead, The; Madness; Mental Illness; Suffering; Misery

First Line: Old jack gave us a wild goose chase
Last Line: That ever formed a team.
Subject(s): Fools; Gold; Gold Mines & Miners; Hunting; Idiots; Hunters

A YARN OF LAMBING FLAT, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text            
First Line: Call that a yarn!' said old tom pugh
Last Line: His fix on lambing flat.'
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners;practical Jokes;story-telling; Pranks

BILL BROWN, by E. S. SORENSON    Poem Text            
First Line: I met bill brown on the prospect track
Last Line: Astride of a camel cow.
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners; Marriage; Weddings; Husbands; Wives

BOB HOLLY, by J. E. LIDDLE    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Two men a 'pipe' had in a 'show'
Last Line: And none have seen him from that date.
Alternate Author Name(s): Kodak; Liddle, John Edward
Subject(s): Crime & Criminals; Exiles; Gold; Gold Mines & Miners; Punishment

CATCHING THE COACH, by ALFRED T. CHANDLER    Poem Text            
First Line: At kangaroo gully in 'fifty-two
Last Line: "to post this here letter for nell by the mail."
Alternate Author Name(s): Chandler, A. T.
Subject(s): Crime & Criminals; Gold; Gold Mines & Miners; Hunting; Hunters

EUREKA, by ARTHUR TRUMAN MERRILL    Poem Text            
First Line: O hunters for gold
Last Line: "may read ""eureka!"
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners; Sympathy; Empathy

GOLD!, by PATRICK REGINALD CHALMERS    Poem Text            
First Line: Gold! 'mid the north's magnetic hush
Last Line: A finer ore than e'er was minted!
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners

HARRY DALE AND OLAF CUBB, by J. E. LIDDLE    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Two men I knew met in a pub
Last Line: And out of it by coach that night.
Alternate Author Name(s): Kodak; Liddle, John Edward
Subject(s): Betrayal; Crime & Criminals; Escapes; Gold; Gold Mines & Miners; Fugitives

IN THE DEAD-LETTER OFFICE, by R. STEWART    Poem Text            
First Line: Come, rip the mail-bags open, chaps, and sort the stuff away
Last Line: "you'll maybe murmur with a sigh, ""the perth dead mail is in."
Subject(s): Death; Gold Mines & Miners; Postal Service; Dead, The; Postmen; Post Office; Mail; Mailmen

OLD FOSSICKER JACK, by J. M. MARSHE    Poem Text            
First Line: Tis a desolate picture, whose colour is dead
Last Line: Came here, and has left but—old fossicker jack.
Alternate Author Name(s): M., J.
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners; Memory; Nostalgia

SEVEN HONEST MEN, by MARTIN BENSON    Poem Text            
First Line: Their faith in one another it was wonderfully great
Last Line: They panned-off half a pennyweight, those seven honest men.
Alternate Author Name(s): Sun, Ben
Subject(s): Deception; Gold Mines & Miners; Punishment

THE ADAMS RIVER BUSH, by M. J. O'REILLY    Poem Text            
First Line: We left good old coolgardie
Last Line: With the adams river rush.
Alternate Author Name(s): Mick, Mulga
Subject(s): Gold; Gold Mines & Miners; Travel; Journeys; Trips

THE DAYS OF '84, by RANDOLPH BEDFORD    Poem Text            
First Line: Let's go back on to the roper, where they say they've struck the stuff
Last Line: We were men, and we dealt straight with all in the days of '84.
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners; Nostalgia

THE NEW ARGONAUTS, by WILLIAM ALLEN BUTLER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Today the good ship sails!
Last Line: O cursed love of gold!
Subject(s): Fortune; Gold Mines & Miners; Greed; Sailing & Sailors; Avarice; Cupidity; Seamen; Sails

THE RESCUE, by EDWARD DYSON    Poem Text            
First Line: There's a sudden, fierce clang of the knocker, then the sound of a voice in the
Last Line: Fast.
Alternate Author Name(s): Dyson, E.
Subject(s): Gold Mines & Miners; Mothers & Sons