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COLUMBUS AND THE MAYFLOWER, by RICHARD MONCKTON MILNES    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: O little fleet! That on thy quest divine
Last Line: As in the straitness of the ancient ways.
Alternate Author Name(s): Houghton, 1st Baron; Houghton, Lord
Subject(s): Columbus, Christopher (1451-1506); Explorers; Mayflower (ship); United States - History; Exploring; Discovery; Discoverers

DESIRE MINTER, by MARION PERHAM GALE    Poem Text                
First Line: She sees the white mist rise to blot the land
Last Line: "england . . . England is calling to my soul!"
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship); Pilgrimages & Pilgrims; Plymouth, Massachusetts

MAYFLOWER, by JOSEPH CROSBY LINCOLN    Poem Source                
First Line: In the gleam and gloom of the april weather
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers

MAYFLOWER, by ALFRED NOYES    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: I think some angel christened her
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers

MAYFLOWER - ACROSTIC, by UNKNOWN    Poem Source                
First Line: Many, many years ago
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship)

SONG OF THE PILGRIMS [SEPTEMBER 16, 1620], by THOMAS COGSWELL UPHAM    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The breeze has swelled the whitening sail
Last Line: England's shores, adieu! Adieu!
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers

THE FADING OF THE MAYFLOWER, by THEODORE TILTON    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: But is it fading? Is it doomed to die?
Last Line: ^18^ so named from the town of worstead in england.
Subject(s): Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers; United States; America

THE MAYFLOWER, by GEORGE LUNT    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Sweet as the honored name
Last Line: Their pilgrim fame shall be!
Subject(s): Fame; God; Mayflower (ship); Pilgrimages & Pilgrims; Reputation

THE MAYFLOWER [DECEMBER 21, 1620], by ERASTUS WOLCOTT ELLSWORTH    Poem Text                
First Line: Down in the bleak december bay
Last Line: Mayflower.
Subject(s): Carver, John (1575-1621); Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers

THE ROCK OF LIBERTY; A PILGRIM ODE, 1629-1920: 1. VISION, by ABBIE FARWELL BROWN    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Lord god of hosts, defender of the weak
Last Line: Should through the ages ring!
Subject(s): Freedom; Mayflower (ship); Pilgrim Fathers; Prayer; Religion; Liberty; Theology