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MARLBOROUGH FAIR, by MARGARET LOUISA WOODS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: I warr'nt our street be near so wide
Last Line: And the long down is whispering low 'goodnight.'
Alternate Author Name(s): Woods, Mrs. Margaret Louisa Bradley
Subject(s): Abandonment; Amusement Parks; Animals; Children; Churchyards; Circus; Country Dances; Country Life; Entertainers; Festivals; Fiddles; Games; Guns; Lions; Marlborough, England; Merry-go-grounds; Mourning; Musical Instruments; Night; Pleasure; Desertion; C

THE CAROUSEL; JARDIN DE LUXEMBOURG, by RAINER MARIA RILKE    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: A little while both roof and shadow turn
Last Line: Briefly upon this blind and breathless game.
Subject(s): Luxembourg Gardens, Paris; Merry-go-grounds; Carousels

THE GREAT CAROUSEL, by RICHARD DEHMEL    Poem Text                
First Line: In heaven is a carousel
Last Line: Our mighty carousel.
Subject(s): Merry-go-grounds; Carousels

THE MERRY-GO-ROUND, by E. A. L. GRIFFIN    Poem Text                
First Line: What blissful thrills of merriment are found
Last Line: Till, lo! He calls a halt—and comes the end.
Subject(s): Amusement Parks; Children; Games; Merry-go-grounds; Childhood; Recreation; Pastimes; Amusements; Carousels