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AFTER COURT MARTIAL, by FRANCIS LEDWIDGE    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: My mind is not my mind, therefore
Last Line: Not I the king of babylon.
Subject(s): Babylon; Military Justice; World War I; Courts Martial; First World War

ANDRE'S LAST REQUEST [OR, REQUEST TO WASHINGTON] [OCTOBER 1, 1780], by NATHANIEL PARKER WILLIS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: It is not the fear of death
Last Line: By a soldier's death!
Subject(s): American Revolution; Andre, John (1750-1780); Capital Punishment; History; Military Justice; Presidents, United States; Soldiers; Washington, George (1732-1799); Hanging; Executions; Death Penalty; Historians; Courts Martial

DANNY DEEVER, by RUDYARD KIPLING    Poem Text             Recitation     Poet's Biography
First Line: What are the bugles blowin' for?' said files-on-parade
Last Line: After hangin' danny deever in the mornin'.
Variant Title(s): Files-on-parade
Subject(s): Army Life; Bugles; Capital Punishment; Military Justice; Napoleon I (1769-1821); Soldiers; War; Drills & Minor Tactics; Hanging; Executions; Death Penalty; Courts Martial

THAT DAY, by MAREK BATEROWICZ    Poem Source                
First Line: That day
Last Line: If you were trying to close them
Subject(s): Government; Military; Military Justice; Poland; War

VICTOR GALBRAITH, by HENRY WADSWORTH LONGFELLOW    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Under the walls of monterey
Last Line: "of victor galbraith!"
Subject(s): Capital Punishment; Galbraith, Victor; Military Justice; Monterey, Mexico; United States - Mexican War (1846-1848); Hanging; Executions; Death Penalty; Courts Martial