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AMPHISBAENA, by MYRA COHN LIVINGSTON    Poem Source                
First Line: Amphisbaena
Last Line: When you have to do things double!
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

ANANSI THE SPIDER, by GERALD MCDERMOTT    Poem Source                
First Line: Anansi. %he is 'spider'
Last Line: He tumbles into %many troubles
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

BASILISK/COCKATRICE, by LAURA WHIPPLE    Poem Source                
First Line: Head and body of a cock
Last Line: A cockatrice.) %hissssss!
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

BUNYIP, by JENNY WAGNER    Poem Source                
First Line: What do bunyips look like?' asked the bunyip
Last Line: What a pity,' he murmured. 'what a pity, what a pity'
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

CERBERUS, by N. B. TAYLOR    Poem Source                
First Line: There! %that terrible three-necked
Last Line: He barred the way to pluto's house
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

CHIMERA, by PENELOPE SCAMBLY SCHOTT    Poem Source                
First Line: Do you always act polite?
Last Line: He turned that chimera into a word
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

CHINESE DRAGON, by UNKNOWN    Poem Source                
First Line: As the sun came up, a ball of red
Last Line: But I rode a dragon as swift as the wind!
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

DRAGON, by KARLA KUSKIN    Poem Source                
First Line: Let me tell you about me
Last Line: Do not pet me very much
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

DRAGON, by ANNE MCCAFFREY    Poem Source                
First Line: Oh, tongue, give sound to joy and sing
Last Line: Of hope and promise on dragonwing!
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

GANESHA, GANESH, by MYRA COHN LIVINGSTON    Poem Source                
Last Line: And maybe your wish will come true
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

GARUDA, by DEBORAH CHANDRA    Poem Source                
First Line: He perches in the dusty tamarind tree
Last Line: Feather by bright feather, disappears
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

GRIFFIN, by ARNOLD SUNDGAARD    Poem Source                
First Line: Protector of pharaohs
Last Line: Or else you may not!
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

HIPPOCAMP, by ARNOLD SUNDGAARD    Poem Source                
First Line: Oh, fabrous horse that's half a fish
Last Line: Engraved upon a monolith?
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

HIPPOGRIFF, by ARNOLD SUNDGAARD    Poem Source                
First Line: When mare and griffin meet and mate
Last Line: The hippogriff this beast is called
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

IF WE SHADOWS HAVE OFFENDED, by WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
Last Line: No more yielding but a dream
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

KAPPA, by HIROAKI SATO    Poem Source                
First Line: Saucer on his head, carapace on his back
Last Line: To keep his carapace cucumber-fresh
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

LEVIATHAN, by OLD TESTAMENT BIBLE    Poem Source                
First Line: He makes the deep to boil like a pot: he makes the sea
Last Line: Upon the earth there is not his like
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

MANTICORE, by JEANNE STEIG    Poem Source                
First Line: A mythic beast, the manticore
Last Line: The creatures in the list above
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

MINOTAUR, by X. J. KENNEDY    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: King minos had a minotaur
Last Line: Swung sword and swished red cape
Alternate Author Name(s): Kennedy, Joseph
Subject(s): Alphabet Verse; Animals; Mythical Animals

MYTHOLOGICAL COD, by ALICE R. FRIMAN    Poem Source                
First Line: Soft-finned and waiting
Last Line: An arc of liquid fire-the cod
Subject(s): Cape Cod; Fishing And Fishermen; Mythical Animals

OATS FOR PEGASUS, by W. C. A. WALLAR    Poem Text                
First Line: Why mute your music, critic-frightened soul?
Last Line: On strength-of-heart and blood-of-life he soars.
Subject(s): Mythical Animals; Sonnet (as Literary Form); Fictious Animals

OKOLO THE LEOPARD WARRIOR, by CHRISTINE PRICE    Poem Source                
First Line: He comes!
Last Line: That leaps on its prey
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

OTHER TIGER, by JORGE LUIS BORGES    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: A tiger comes to mind. The twilight here
Last Line: Another tiger, the beast not found in verse
Subject(s): Animals; Books; Librarians And Libraries; Mythical Animals; Poetry And Poets; Tigers

PAN, by ELIZABETH BARRETT BROWNING    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Sweet, sweet, sweet, o pan!
Last Line: Came back to dream on the river
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

PEGASUS, by ELEANOR FARJEON    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: He could not be captured
Last Line: Who sings as he flies
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

PHOENIX, by PAUL FLEISCHMAN    Poem Source                
First Line: I am phoenix
Last Line: There have never been more
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

QUETZALCOATL, by TONY JOHNSTON    Poem Source                
First Line: In the world's young days
Last Line: And the serpent whispered, %maize
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

RAINBOW CROW, by NANCY VAN LAAN    Poem Source                
First Line: I will go. I will stop the snow
Last Line: Aiya, aiya, aiya, aiya
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

ROC, by RICHARD FRANCIS BURTON    Poem Source                
First Line: Behold the sun
Last Line: Feedeth its young %on elephants
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

SPHINX, by DEBORAH CHANDRA    Poem Source                
First Line: As the sun %is going down
Last Line: Ground out like powered rock
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

THE CENTAURS, by JAMES STEPHENS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Playing upon the hill three centaurs were
Last Line: They raced into the wood!
Subject(s): Centaurs; Mythical Animals; Fictious Animals

UNICORN, by RAINER MARIA RILKE    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Oh this is the animal that never was
Last Line: Looking at them calmly, with clear eyes
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

WHITE BUFFALO WOMAN, by JOHN BIERHORST    Poem Source                
First Line: ...A beautiful maiden dressed in sage
Last Line: Trotting over the prairie
Subject(s): Mythical Animals

WINGS, by DAVID BOTTOMS    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: What was it she taught
Last Line: Could flap across a desk and fly away?
Subject(s): Birds; Fear; Mythical Animals; Fictious Animals

YETI, by JOHN GARDNER    Poem Source                
First Line: The yeti is a manlike beast
Last Line: All he can say is, 'maybe'
Subject(s): Mythical Animals