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OPAL SEA', by ELLA (RHOADS) HIGGINSON    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: An inland sea - blue as a sapphire - set
Last Line: Like opals linked around a beating throat
Subject(s): Puget Sound

SEA-LOVE (PUGET SOUND INDIAN), by ANNICE CALLAND    Poem Text                
First Line: Harken! The drum-beat of the sea
Last Line: O drum-beat of the sea!
Subject(s): Native Americans; Puget Sound; Indians Of America; American Indians; Indians Of South America

WEST SEATTLE EXIT, 5:00 P.M., by SONIA GOMEZ    Poem Source                
First Line: There was a freeway
Last Line: The godly burn of carbon and steel
Subject(s): Puget Sound; Seattle, Washington

WINTER ON PUGET SOUND, by OPAL M. DETTY    Poem Text                
First Line: Billowing and rolling in from the sea
Last Line: It's winter on puget sound again!
Subject(s): Puget Sound