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Subject: SPELLS
Matches Found: 7

BY WHAT SPELL, by HORTENSE KING FLEXNER    Poem Text            
First Line: In what school then sit the dead
Last Line: Deserter, by what spell?
Subject(s): Spells

HEX, by STEVE LANGAN    Poem Source            
First Line: The wheel is angry and so is the blade
Last Line: The whole summer's trapped thunder
Subject(s): Spells; Thunder

MAGIC, by DAVID KELLER    Poem Source            
First Line: I have stood with friends at the woods' edge
Last Line: I have looked in all the old sources
Subject(s): Imagination; Magic; Spells

THE FAIRIES, by DORA SIGERSON SHORTER    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: The fairies, the fairies,the mischief-loving fairies
Last Line: So my love cannot comfort and my presence cannot cheer.
Alternate Author Name(s): Sigerson, Dora; Shorter, Mrs. Clement
Subject(s): Fairies; Spells; Elves

THE SPELL OF EGYPT, by CHARLES V. H. ROBERTS    Poem Text            
First Line: There's a splendid hush about this place
Last Line: Of romance and of history that breathe within thy bosom?
Subject(s): Cleopatra, Queen Of Egypt (69-30 B.c.); Egypt; Pyramids; Spells

THE WITCH, by ISABEL ECCLESTONE MACKAY    Poem Text             Poet's Biography
First Line: Her hair was gold and warm it lay
Last Line: Between the twilight and the sea.
Subject(s): Evil; Haunted Houses; Spells; Witchcraft & Witches

TWO MANICHEES, by RALPH WILSON    Poem Source            
First Line: Another sort of bell. And then the slow boil
Last Line: To burn on agnes' eve in a hollowed apple
Subject(s): Spells