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GLACIER, by ALPAY ULKU    Poem Source                
First Line: I can imagine how it must have been, the glacier
Last Line: Word by word as you said it %then the bearings: things, direction
Subject(s): Glaciers; Weathervanes

METEOROLOGY, by ALPAY ULKU    Poem Source                
First Line: A storm front wanders down from the mountains, gray and white
Last Line: The other riders wrapped in themselves like explorers lost in a blizzard %then they're gone, too, an
Subject(s): Rain; Storms; Weathervanes; Wind

ON A WEATHERCOCK; OLNEY, BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, 1829, by UNKNOWN    Poem Source                
First Line: I never crow, but stand to show
Last Line: Whence winds do blow
Subject(s): Weathervanes

WEATHER COCK, by ANNETTE WYNNE    Poem Text                
First Line: Weather cock blowing whenever winds blow
Last Line: But you must go always the way the winds blow.
Subject(s): Weathervanes