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First Line: I said to my heart, between sleeping and waking
Last Line: Would one think, that my chloe never thought is was she.
Alternate Author Name(s): Peterborough, 3d Earl Of
Variant Title(s): Song By A Person Of Quality
Subject(s): Love; Modesty

I said to my Heart, between sleeping and waking,
Thou wild Thing, that ever art leaping or aching,
For the Black, for the Fair; In what Clime, in what Nation,
Hast thou not felt a Fit of Pitapatation?

..Thus accused, the wild Thing have this serious Reply:
See the Heart without Motion, though Celia pass by;
Not the Beauty she has, nor the Wit that she borrows,
Give the Eye any Joys, or the Heart any Sorrows.

When our Sappho appears, whose Wit's so refined,
I am forced to admire with the rest of Mankind:
Whatever she says is with Spirit and Fire;
Every Word I attend, but I only admire.

Prudenia, as vainly too, puts in her Claim;
Ever gazing on Heaven, though Man is her Aim.
'Tis Love, not Devotion, that turns up her Eyes:
Those Stars of the World are too good for the Skies.

But my Chloe, so lovely, so easy, so fair;
Her Wit so genteel, without Art, without Care;
When she comes in my Way, Oh! the Motion and Pain,
The Leapings and Achings, they return all again.

Thou wonderful Creature! A Woman of Reason!
Never grave out of Pride, never gay out of Season!
When so easy to guess, who this Angel should be,
Would one think, that my Chloe never thought is was she.

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