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WELCOME, LITTLE STRANGER (BY A DISPLACED THREE-YEAR-OLD), by                 Poet Analysis     Poet's Biography
First Line: Mozzer bought a baby
Last Line: And beat him on the head.
Alternate Author Name(s): Strauss, Yawcob
Subject(s): Babies; Infants

MOZZER bought a baby,
'Ittle bitsey sing;
Sinks I mos' could put him
Frou my yubber ying.
Ain't he awful ugly?
Ain't he awful pink?
"Just come down from heaven" --
Yat's a fib, I sink.

Doctor tol' anozzer
Great big awful lie;
Nose ain't out o' joint, zen,
Yat ain't why I cry.
Mamma stays up in bedroom --
Guess he makes her sick.
Frow him in the gutter,
Beat him wiz a stick.

Cuddle him and love him!
Call him "Blessed sing"!
Don't care if my kite ain't
Got a bit of string!
Send me off with Bridget
Every single day, --
"Be a good boy, Charley,
Run away and play."

Said "I ought to love him"!
No, I won't! no zur!
Nassy cryin' baby,
Not got any hair.
Got all my nice kisses,
Got my place in bed, --
Mean to take my drumsticks
And beat him on the head.

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