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TO ONE WHO ASKS, by            
First Line: Curious you should not see my feet are weary
Last Line: Kisses from the dead?
Subject(s): Curiosities & Wonders; Grief; Enigmas; Oddities; Sorrow; Sadness

Curious you should not see my feet are weary --
Weary of the way you see so fair --
As wondering you look along each silver path with question
Why I will not tread.

Curious you should not see my eyes are weary,
Weary of the sorrow and the passion they have seen;
Asking now to close, the last kiss given,
The last word said.

Curious you should not see my hands are weary,
Weary with their ceaseless fluttering round little things;
Concerned no longer with caresses nor with loving,
Still and uncomforted.

Your young desire would take away my sorrow,
Do you not see I have but ashes for you?
I would not lay upon your eager breast
My weary head.

Your feet are hurrying, your soul is hungering --
You of the intent eyes, the questing will.
Why do you ask my two tired, empty hands
To give you bread?

You will not see my very soul is weary --
I think it died long, long ago, or fled.
Would you ask caresses from a shadow-woman --
Kisses from the dead?

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