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First Line: I am the wind on the sea for might
Last Line: I am the wind of the sea for might.

I am the wind on the sea for might;
I am a wave of the deep for length;
I am the sound of the sea for fright;
I am a stag of seven points for strength.
I am a hawk on a cliff for lightness;
I am a tear of the sun for brightness;
I am a salmon in Wisdom's fountain;
I am a lake that afar expands;
I am Knowledge and Poesy's mountain;
I am a spear in a spoiler's hands.
I am a God who fashions smoke from magic fire for a Druid
to slay with.
Who but I will make clear each question the mind of man
still goes astray with?
Who but myself the assemblies knows of the house of the
sages on high Slieve Mis?
Who but the poet knows where in the ocean the going down of
the great sun is?

Who seven times sought the Fairy Forts without or fear or injury?
And who declareth the moon's past ages and the ages thereof
that have yet to be?
Who out of the shadowy haunts of Tethra hitherward draweth
his herds of kine?
Who segregated them from each other to browse the plains of
the watery brine?
For whom will the fish of the laughing ocean be making
welcome if not for me?
Who shapeth as I can the spell of letters, a weapon to win
them out of the sea?
Invoke a satirist, fit incantations to weave for you, O
folk of the waves,
Even me, the Druid, forth furnishing Ogham letters on oaken staves,
Even me, the parter of combatants, even me who the Fairy Height
Enter to find a cunning enchanter to lure with me your
shoals to light!
I am the Wind of the Sea for might.

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