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WILD GARDENS, by            
First Line: Strange and lovely things have drifted
Last Line: Comfort me, under the young spring sky.
Subject(s): Gardens & Gardening

Strange and lovely things have drifted
Through the fingers of the wind,
And when winter's snows have lifted
From my garden, I shall find,
Hidden in unwonted places,
Wandering columbine and rue;
Other unfamiliar faces,
Poppies, in their motley hue,
And in dark, forgotten corner,
Ferns uncurl a single frond.
One forget-me-not, a tiny mourner,
Weeps into the brimming pond.

So in my heart, long forgotten and covered deep,
Memories awake, and stir within me,
Passions I had thought alseep.
Eagerness of youth, returning;
A heart so light and footstep free,
And all the bitter futile yearning
For the higher ecstasy
That only youth may suffer lightly...
I, who ate of wisdom's tree,
And with tears, watered its fruit nightly,
Now do clearly see many things of beauty hidden
In the odd corners of my heart
Springing up, all unbidden
With calculated and consummate art
Filling all the barren spaces
That life left, as it passed me by...
In my heart's wild garden, these unfamiliar faces
Comfort me, under the young spring sky.

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