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A LOVE BARGAINE, by                    
First Line: O love, how faine my heart would dye
Last Line: Musik jesus is.
Subject(s): Self-consciousness; Temptation; Worship

O LOVE, how faine my Heart would dye,
To live with Thee! But every day
Temptations ly
In ambushment, & steale my heart away.

Surely were I but I, no bait
Could from thy gentill Lure invite me:
But some Deceit
Or other's allwayes ready to delight me.

Ah poore Delight, wch does no more
But tickle me untill I run
From ye safe shore
Of Thy Restraint into ye Sea of Sin.

Where oh how oft had I been drown'd
Had not thy Graces blessed beames
Look'd forth & found
My shipwrack'd Heart amidst ye helplesse streames.

But there thy everwatchfull eye
Ope'd wide & shew'd it selfe to Me
That fainting I
Againe unto ye Shoare my Way might see.

Sweet Ray of Love, no Marriner
So much salvation ever ought
The Polar Star
As for my sinking Soule thy Light hath wrought.

Confirme thy rescue Lord, that I
No more may feele Temptations spight,
Or constantly
By thy strong hand repell their treacherous Might.

So my Song
Shall be long
To no praise, but Thine:
So my Heart
Ne'r shall start
Back from being Mine.

Mine, yet still
At Thy will,
For thy will should be
Soule, & more
Then before
Selfe was unto Mee.

So each Line
Shall be fine
With thy beauteous Name,
Whilst my Muse
Doth refuse
Vaine Pernassu's fame.

LOVE can be
And each verse grow brave
Where an Heart
Wth true art
JESUS doth ingrave.

Never sound
Did rebound
From ye Sphears like this:
Peace all other
Sweets together
Musik JESUS is.

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