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First Line: What haste, fond jock! Nay thou shalt longer stay
Last Line: But grant these old things are the greatest news.
Subject(s): News; Prayer

WHAT haste, fond Jock! Nay thou shalt longer stay,
Bycause thou thirstest thus to snatch
The first buzz of the News, & catch
Thou knowst not what: The Story may
Be sad, & punish greedy thee;
What harm then in deferring Miserie!


Stay but a while, & thou the News shalt see
Come, uninvited, to thy door,
And honester that 'twas before:
That Paint & lying Braverie
Which makes her young wilde face so gay,
Will by truth-cleering Time be washt away.


Fear not Delay; the News, though tardy, yet
Can be her self to Thee, one day,
Or twenty hence: That which doth slay
Her slight life, is not Absence, but
Presence alone: the News is new
When first she comes (though then she dyes) in view.


But hark, my Heart, the happiest News to thee
Will be to finde it truely in
Thy self: Is that old Man of Sin
Banishd & gone, & canst thou see
New holy youth bud in thy breast?
This is the only News can make thee blest.


If after other News thou lingerest still,
Look out, & see where thou canst spy
Devotion, Meeknes, Loyalty,
Peace, Justice, & sinceer good-will:
Judge truly, & thou canst not chuse
But grant these old things are the greatest News.

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