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DENNIS, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Such a 'ootin' an' a 'owlin'
Last Line: Then went back to bein' queer!
Subject(s): Heroism; War; Heroes; Heroines

Such a 'ootin' an' a 'owlin',
At the good ole "Ball an' Crown,"
When we 'eard 'ow daffy Dennis
'Ad enlisted in the town.
"'E won't know 'e's 'ad an order";
"'E carn't never 'old a gun";
"'E'll be dropped for actin' crazy
'Fore 'e ever sees a 'Un."

Dennis was a feckless dreamer,
Tried to rhyme a bit, ye ken,
Moonin' 'round, not up an' doin'
Like our brawny Sussex men.
'Ow we mocked an' joked about 'im,
Seemed so sure 'e'd bring us shame
That we 'ardly grasped what 'appened,
When the Corp'ral's letter came.

In a 'ot an' tricky battle,
When 'ope petered out, 'e said,
Out o' 'alf a 'undred gunners
Dennis 'ad the coolest 'ead;
'Ow 'is darin' saved 'is batt'ry,
'Ow 'is pluck kept up 'is crowd,
'Ow the Gen'ral pinned 'is Cross on,
Sayin' England should be proud.

Such a shoutin' an' a 'owlin',
At the good ole "Ball an' Crown,"
When our Dennis on a furlough
'Obbled up 'ere from the town;
Same ole blinkin', moonin' Dennis,
Didn't even 'ear us cheer --
Just woke up to be a 'ero,
Then went back to bein' queer!

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