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WERE IT ONLY NOW, by                    
First Line: I'm sitting musing in my room
Last Line: I've never had a show.
Subject(s): Yale University

I'M sitting musing in my room,
The snow is on the ground;
The moon has hid her face to-night,
And darkness is profound.
'Twas somewhat such a night as this,
A little darker, though,
I asked Bess to go sleighing, and
She said that she would go.

But just as we were starting out,
Said she, "For just us two"
(A smile played round her mouth) "I think
It much too dark, don't you?"
I did not know their wiles as yet,
I was so young and slow;
But thought she really meant it, and
I stammered, "I -- think -- so."

She cast at me a pitying glance,
Then in the house we went.
The balance of that evening was
In conversation spent.

* * * * * * *
Since then she's always been polite,
And cordial, too, you know;
But from that time I realize
I've never had a show.

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