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First Line: Moonlight upon the mullioned pane
Last Line: "dorothy -- dorothy!"
Subject(s): Past; Yale University

MOONLIGHT upon the mullioned pane,
Moonlight flooding the vacant stair,
Moonlight throbbing a soft refrain,
Ever as I sit brooding there.
Ever -- and all its strain to be
"Dorothy -- Dorothy!"

Back from my chair the shadows glide,
And in the corner the armor glows --
Helm of the knight who rode by thy side,
Greave of the hero who wore thy rose,
Relics of olden chivalry --
"Dorothy -- Dorothy!"

Over my head the 'scutcheons hang --
Marquis, and earl, and baronet.
And, as I ponder, the gisarms clang,
Truncheon on halberd ringing yet.
Back flit the days of cap-a-pie.
"Dorothy -- Dorothy!"

Wake! for the backlog smolders dead;
The gray dawn steals through the mullioned pane.
Burned is the incense, the past has fled,
Yet through my soul swells the soft refrain --
Dear golden dream days of thine and thee --
"Dorothy -- Dorothy!"

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