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THE DAIRYMAIDS TO PAN, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: Goatfoot, we know you
Last Line: To herd us our beasts.
Subject(s): Mythology - Classical; Pan (mythology)

GOATFOOT, we know you
Though we cannot see you;
Goatfoot, Goatfoot,
Lightfoot do we flee you.
When we hear the flocks at night
Bleat as to the shepherd's light
Then we girls clasp close in bed,
Draw the coarse sheet over-head,
Whispering afraid to sleep
"'Tis the good god Goatfoot
Fondling the sheep."

Goatfoot, we hear you
At the cow-house door,
Goatfoot, Goatfoot,
Through a single floor.
Barefoot in our nightgowns then
Timidly we wake the men:
To the byre they venture slowly:
As each happy cow lows lowly
Each hind in his turn repeats
"'Tis the good god Goatfoot
Easing their teats."

Goatfoot, do not fright us
In the woodland meadows,
Goatfoot, Goatfoot,
When the kine have led us
Far from home at milking-time
Down dark groves of scented lime
To the weedy water where
Deep they wade for cooler air.
Think of all your fruited feasts;
Be the good god Goatfoot
To herd us our beasts.

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