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CALL OF THE OPEN, by                    
First Line: Away from the din of the city
Last Line: Nature and peace and god.
Subject(s): Desolation; Fields; Rivers; Pastures; Meadows; Leas

Away from the din of the city,
The dust and grime of the street,
The hurry and press of the restless throng,
And the trample of many feet.
Out where the sunshine is brighter,
Out where the wind blows free.
Trees and rivers and lakes and hills
Are calling, calling me.

I long for the wide expanse of fields
Where the calm of the silent night
Throws a mantle of peace o'er the weary heart
And the cares of the day take flight;
For the whispering voice of summer winds
And the sparkle of dew on the lea,
And trees and rivers and lakes and hills
That are calling, calling me.

Then give me a house in a quiet nook
At the end of a winding lane
Where the sunshine bright and the moonbeams' glow
Can steal through my window pane
And the trill of a bird from his leafy bower
And the scent of up-turned sod
Will bring me close to the things I love,
Nature and peace and God.

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