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SONNET TO THE SEA SERPENT, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Welter upon the waters, mighty one
Last Line: You are a great deal bigger than you are.
Subject(s): Sea; Ocean

"Hugest that swims the ocean stream."

WELTER upon the waters, mighty one--
And stretch thee in the ocean's trough of brine;
Turn thy wet scales up to the wind and sun,
And toss the billow from thy flashing fin;
Heave thy deep breathings to the ocean's din,
And bound upon its ridges in thy pride:
Or dive down to its lowest depths, and in
The caverns where its unknown monsters hide,
Measure thy length beneath the gulf-stream's tide--
Or rest thee on that naval of the sea
Where, floating on the Maelstrom, abide
The krakens sheltering under Norway's lee;
But go not to Nahant, lest men should swear,
You are a great deal bigger than you are.

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