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First Line: When it comes to saddle hawses, there's a difference
Last Line: Hawse!
Subject(s): Animals; Cowboys; Horses; Ranch Life; West (u.s.); Southwest; Pacific States

WHEN it comes to saddle hawses, there's a difference in steeds:
There is fancy-gaited critters that will suit some feller's needs;
There is nags high-bred an' tony, with a smooth an' shiny skin,
That will capture all the races that you want to run 'em in.
But fer one that never tires; one that's faithful, tried and true;
One that allus is a "stayer" when you want to slam him through,
There is but one breed o' critters that I ever came across
That will allus stand the racket: 'tis the

No, he ain't so much fer beauty, fer he's scrubby an' he's rough,
An' his temper's sort o' sassy, but you bet he's good enough!
Fer he'll take the trail o' mornin's, be it up or be it down,
On the range a-huntin' cattle or a-lopin' into town,
An' he'll leave the miles behind him, an' he'll never sweat a hair,
'Cuz he's a willin' critter when he's goin' anywhere.
Oh, your thoroughbred at runnin' in a race may be the boss,
But fer all day ridin' lemme have the

When my soul seeks peace and quiet on the home ranch of the blest,
Where no storms or stampedes bother, an' the trails are trails o' rest,
When my brand has been inspected an' pronounced to be O K,
An' the boss has looked me over an' has told me I kin stay,
Oh, I'm hopin' when I'm lopin' off across that blessed range
That I won't be in a saddle on a critter new an' strange,
But I'm prayin' every minnit that up there I'll ride across
That big heaven range o' glory on an

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