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SAN FRANCISCO HARBOR, by            
First Line: Tall ships, majestically fair
Last Line: Are harbored safe at home.
Subject(s): Harbors; San Francisco

Tall ships, majestically fair,
In stately panoply,
With treasure for us, rich and rare,
Flash down our windy sea,
From Ports of Hundred Isles they sail,
Blown by the wind's cool breath,
Undaunted by the fiercest gale,
Or tangling nets of Death.

Where angry, storm-whipped waters meet
Each frenzied wind that comes
With wild tattoo and furious beat,
Like thunderous roll of drums;
Where, bright against the sky's blue-grey,
The silver sea-gulls fly;
Where green waves toss their feathery spray,
These gleaming sails pass by.

A thousand setting suns have blazed
On them their dazzling lights;
A thousand rising moons have gazed
At them through silent nights;
And now, where blows the western breeze
And leaps the snow-white foam,
At last, these welcome argosies
Are harbored safe at home.

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