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THE SPINSTER, by            
First Line: ...Afraid?... Why, no...But
Last Line: And the first-star pierces the west.
Subject(s): Fear; Spinsters; Old Maids

...Afraid? ...why, no...but...
A silent house where a white cat walks
On padding paws till the end of the day,
Prowling noiselessly, only half curious,
Up the long stairway all through the morning,
Or sitting with warm light on his silver whiskers,
Purring alone in the unanswering sunshine...
Perhaps he curls to sleep on the deep cerulean blue
Of the pillow that echoes the blue of his eyes,
Shining as silverly rounded, soft-breathing
As a cloud in the high June sky.

Afraid to go home? ... Not afraid! ...
This fear is more subtle than fear...
To open the door of my lonely home
Where the white cat stalks
In the somber shadows of late afternoon,
Ghost-soft, unheeding my step,
(If I should call wildly he would not listen) ...

Those half-opaque, sharp-pointed ears...
Did he pay with the gold coin of hearing for beauty?
Is he a God to ignore me until capricious whim
Move him to friendliness?
Oh, Sphinx or Cat! White Cat with turquoise eyes,
I wait at the door while the after-glow fades
And the First-Star pierces the west.

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