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First Line: I hope our quaint old tavern stands
Last Line: Before a tavern stand.
Subject(s): Bars & Bartenders; Public Meetings; Vermont; Pubs; Taverns; Saloons

I HOPE our quaint old tavern stands
Will keep right on a-standing,
And grace the state from Bennington
Clear up to Barton Landing;
They represent the former days
When common folks were grand—
No sight that Old Vermont displays
Can beat a Tavern Stand.

You find 'em on the ancient roads
That now are thundering highways,
Or, victimized by "straightening plans,"
They beautify the byways;
Those red brick structures, stately, square,
The mansions of the land—
There's really nothing, I declare,
That beats a Tavern Stand.

They rose before the elegance
That marked the Georgian era
Was lost in queerish gingerbread,
Or concrete stuff that's queerer;
The building boss had worn a blouse
Before he took command,
And he could build a meetinghouse
As well as Tavern Stand.

They mostly had a wooden ell,
With barns and stable ample,
And just inside, a sample room
With Medford goods to sample;
The traveler saw no bellhops hop,
He heard no foreign band,
But, just the same, he liked to stop
Before a Tavern Stand.

The landlord, he was always 'round
To give his guests a greeting;
He spoke their names and shook their hands
And made a merry meeting;
And then they entered up the walk,
With dahlias on each hand—
Oh! I could string a mile of talk
About a Tavern Stand.

The broad high chimneys, stretching up,
Today look strong and solid;
The pattern 'round the entrance door
Makes modern doors look squalid;
It's great to sight 'em as you ride,
You feel your heart expand,
I always raise my cap with pride
Before a Tavern Stand.

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