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First Line: Under the beams of the mid-day sun
Last Line: And to live in that purer air!
Subject(s): Summer

UNDER the beams of the mid-day sun
The lake is rolling its waves of gold,
The spirit of Summer has kiss'd the banks,
And the sweet flow'rs smile as of old.
From the skies, so soft, like dewy rain,
Comes the song of the skylark, lost to sight,
As it rises and fades in the crystal blue,
Like a far-fled dream of delight.

Now to the blossoms that faint in the air
With odorous breathings of love,
The burden'd bees are winging their flight,
Kissing each flow'r as they rove.
The birds are trilling their joyous notes
From amid the leafy nest,
And the zephyr sighs to his love, the rose,
While he plunders the sweets of her breast.

And the murmuring air is fill'd with song,
As Nature joys at Summer's return,
While fragrant thoughts twine round the heart,
And rob it of griefs that burn.
In golden books we read of a time
When the earth with Summer was ever fair;
Oh, for that season's return to our hearts,
And to live in that purer air!

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