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First Line: God placed within the soul of rain
Last Line: On angel lips in paradise.
Subject(s): Heaven; Music & Musicians; Paradise

God placed within the soul of rain
The seed of music, a refrain
Of tapping, tinkling, drumming sounds
To lull the nights' unsleeping rounds.
He spun across the summer breeze
An unseen robe of litanies.
He even sprinkled through the grass
Murmurs to greet you as you pass.

He planned the trees and shaped them so
Their chants, like rills of love would flow.
He fixed the hills, that do not sing,
With encore power for echoing,
And sifted on to every stream
The golden sand of music's dream.
In every billow, ripple, he
Enshrined some dash of melody.

Then God, to make the thing complete,
Gave man a spirit that should beat
In harmony with every strain
Of bird-note, river, tree or rain.
This, in the heart divinely curled,
Is the vast chain that binds the world.
Oh, it will live, when break these ties,
On angel lips in Paradise.

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