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A SECOND PLEA FOR THE BOG-TROTTERS, by                 Poet's Biography
First Line: The mail says, that hanover's king
Last Line: Their armies slaughter.
Subject(s): Nationalism - Ireland


THB Mail says, that Hanover's King
Twenty Thousand men will bring,
And make the "base bog-trotters" sing
A pillileu;
And that O'Connell high shall swing,
And others too.


There is a tale of Athens told,
Worth at least its weight in gold
To fellows of King Ernest's mould
(The royal rover),
Who think men may be bought and sold,
Or ridden over.


Darius (an imperial wretch,
A Persian Ernest, or Jack Ketch,)
Bid his knaves from Athens fetch
"Earth and water,"
Or else the heralds' necks he'd stretch,
And Athens slaughter.


The Athenians threw them in a well,
And left them there to help themsel',
And when his armies came, pell-mell,
They tore his banners,
And sent his slaves in shoals to hell,
To mend their manners.


Let those who bring and those who send
Hanoverians, comprehend
Persian-like may be their end,
And the "bog-trotter"
May drown their knaves, their banners rend,
Their armies slaughter.

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