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First Line: If I were a bird
Last Line: Smiles, if I were you.

IF I were a bird
I would sing all day;
I would sing of you
To the dropping dew,
To the heaven's blue,
All the praise I knew,
Till the whole world heard-
If I were a bird.

If I were a flower—
Say a daisy small—
I would kiss your feet
When I saw you fleet
Pass me by, O sweet!
I would murmur "Dear"
All the summer hour—
If I were a flower.

If I were the wind—
Say a summer breeze—
I'd be bolder, dear:
I would kiss your ear,
I would touch your hair,
Catch a flying lock,
All its bands unbind—
If I were the wind.

If I were the rose,
Growing frail and white,
Near your window-sill,
I would climb until
I had reached it; still
I would climb and peep
Till the evening's close—
If I were a rose.

And if I were you
I would act the same;
Only, did I see
Some one loving me
Standing near, I'd be
Just a trifle kind;
I would drop a few
Smiles, if I were you.

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