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DAD OF MINE, by                
First Line: When I was just a little tot / I always sat
Last Line: When I was a kid, dad of mine.
Subject(s): Child Care; Baby Sitters; Governesses

When I was just a little tot
I always sat upon your knee;
And though you were so very tired,
You would sing funny songs to me.
You'd get out my Mother Goose book
And read it to me o'er and o'er.
When you thought it was time to stop,
I would beg, "Daddy, read some more."
I must have been a little pest
But I know you were always kind.
Each day when you'd come home from work,
I'd run to meet you, Dad of mine.

Once I remember, I met you --
You told me I'd grow up some day,
And wouldn't run to meet you then;
But I couldn't see it that way.
That was long ago, yet it seems
Just yesterday when I'd meet you,
Just a kid free from heartache, though
Often I'd find a pain or two.
I would take those childish troubles
To be a kid just one more time.
They were the sweetest days of all,
When I was a kid, Dad of mine.

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