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FLORIDA, by            
First Line: Red in the sunset staining the sky
Last Line: And poured on florida, child of the sun!
Subject(s): Florida

Red in the sunset staining the sky,
Gossamer wings of a blue butterfly;
Gold alamandas gilding the lawn,
Mauve in the west at the break of the dawn.
Green of the pines in lacy vignettes,
Coconut palms like black silhouettes.
Scarlet hibiscus in flamboyant rows,
Night blooming jasmine, like new fallen snows,
Brown of the blooms on the pale saw-grass,
Cerese on the wings of flamingoes that pass.
Silvery froth on the breast of the bay,
Platinum moonlight at close of the day.
Lavender shadows against a grey wall,
Pale, pearly pink where begonias fall.
Bronze of the leaves of a sea-grape tree,
Rust of a tramp ship nosing the sea.
Bougainvillea, as purple as sin,
Redder than blood where a sword cuts in.
Scarlet poinsettia, vivid as flame,
Color too gorgeous for mortal to name.
Flame of the poincianna, burning the air,
Sun-yellow sea-weed, like mermaid's hair.
White phosphorous fire riding the waves,
Opal formations in coral caves.
Orange groves heavy with ripening fruit,
Wine-purple sheen of the mangrove root.
Iridescent sheen of the peacock's tails,
Breath-taking rose of the magic tree-snails.
Autumn's great color pot, turning on edge,
Spills an artist's dream on a croton hedge.
Oleanders spreading their frosty laces,
Bottle-green limes in the wind-kissed places.
Prismatic gleams of a lunar rainbow,
Heart-gripping saffron of golden-glow,
Amber bright sands on a jade sea-shore
Rivaling jewels of Singapore.
A myriad colors, blending in one
And poured on Florida, child of the sun!

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