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DE CUSHVILLE HOP, by             Poet's Biography
First Line: I'se gwine down to de cushville hop
Last Line: I'se jes' caught mah motion fo' de cushville hop.
Alternate Author Name(s): King, Ben
Subject(s): Dancing & Dancers

I'SE gwine down to de Cushville hop
An' dar ain' no niggahs gwine ter make me stop;
Missus gwine to deck me all up in white,
So watch de step dat I'se gettin' in ter night.
Um-hm, my honey, tain' no use;
Um-hm, my honey, turn me loose,
Um-hm, my honey, watch me shine
When mah foot am a-shakin' in de ole coonjine.

No black niggahs come foolin' roun' me,
I'se jes' to look at, anyone can see;
I 'se jes' a orniment, an' I mus' 'fess
No niggah put 'is ahm roun' mah snow-white dress
Um-hm, niggah, keep away, understand?
Um-hm, niggah, look out fo' yo' hand;
I 'se jes' ter gaze at I must 'fess,
So don't put yo' ahm roun' mah snow-white dress.

Bring out de banjo, plunk-plank-pling,
Watch de motion of mah step 'an mah swing;
Don't yo' pestah me or make me stop
When I git in motion at de Cushville hop.
Um-hm, niggah, keep away, keep away!
Um-hm, niggah, not ter day!
Keep away from me kase I done kain't stop:
I'se jes' caught mah motion fo' de Cushville hop.

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