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BLACK MOONLIGHT, by            
First Line: The glaring lights discordant slash
Last Line: As silhouette from lighting shade.
Subject(s): Hearts; Love; Passion

The glaring lights discordant slash
The harmony of night,
The bands in hybrid swill-stalls crash
Amuck baboons' delight.
My love has waned; black moonlight charms
My soul's eternal glade.
Love silhouettes in stronger arms
Upon her window shade.

The nightingale shrieks mordant tunes
Discordant as the rest;
Sad beggars shrill their importunes,
As pious frauds protest.
The gods of sympathy are down,
The masks of guile are up;
And saint and sage together drown
Their passions in a cup.
My love has merged her slender grace
Into her stronger love's embrace.

The bleary lights seem dim and wan;
The steamy fetid fog
Is gathering its rags ere dawn.
The weary dancers jog
Another passion masquerade;
A wierd musician yawns.
Love's silhouette but blurs her shade
As modest morning dawns.

A silver silhouette half ring
Against the purpling shell,
The moon, auspicious omening
That phantom hates dispel.
A starling fed an orphan corn,
The beaming sun espied,
Impatient waiting world reborn
With beauty deified.
Black moonlight melts from mystic glade
As silhouette from lighting shade.

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