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FAIRYLAND, by                    
First Line: When mild september breezes blow
Last Line: To smile at you.
Subject(s): Sunflowers

When mild September breezes blow
Their whispered measures, sweet and low,
Then back and forth, and to and fro,
So gay and free,
By thousands down along the bay,
The wild sunflowers nod and sway
In ecstasy.

Like elfin maidens, small and fair,
With waving arms and tossing hair,
In fairy revels dancing there
In green and gold,
They bob and bend with airy grace;

Each happy, roguish, little face
So sweetly bold.

Or with their slender arms enlaced
Around a sister-fairy's waist,
And tiny feet securely placed,
They smoothly go
Through stately measures all unknown
Except to winds and elves alone;
Sedate and slow.

And when upon a stilly day,
The tuneful winds run off to play
Their music in some other bay
An hour or two;
Each flower-maiden smooths her dress
And waits in primmest loveliness
To smile at you.

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