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A ROMANY LAD PASSED BY, by                    
First Line: I know a gypsy boy
Last Line: Till I am dead.
Subject(s): Children; Gypsies; Relationships; Childhood; Gipsies


I KNOW a gypsy boy
With dreams in his eyes,
And tears in his laughter,
For life's made him wise.

He carries quaint charms
In his pack to sell,
Good for the casting
Of any dark spell.

One is for harvests,
And one is for gold,
And one is for warm hearths
When you are old.

I bought a charm once
With no coin to pay,
But I've been a daft girl
Since that day.


Once was a brown boy
Taught me to sing,
Took of my kisses
But gave me no ring.

My song was a gay lilt,
Silver as the moon,
But now I can only croak
A harsh dark tune.


There is a gypsy lad
Who flings coins away.
Gold, he says, is heavy
To carry at play.

I was his partner once
To dance and to sing,
But I stopped to gather up
The coins he would fling.

Gold is a heavy load
Just as he said,
But now I must carry it
Till I am dead.

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