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ON HILL GADARA, by                    
First Line: The swineherds on hill gadara
Last Line: Death lure of nations.

The swineherds on Hill Gadara
Stood blinking in the sun
Thinking of nothing -- as swineherds may --
As other men have done,
Warders of nations.

Their herds were scattered on the Hill,
Some rooting with ringless snout
For artichokes, some feeding still,
Some sleeping round about
Like men in nations.

One Boar, bedeviled, raised his head
And shook his tusks and squealed.
The rest looked up and where he led
Trooped as to battlefield.
Bedeviled nations.

The swineherds on Hill Gadara
Rushed to the wild melee,
Held out their staves to bar the way
Shouting: The sea! The sea!
Warners of nations.

The herds, stampeding blind with greed,
Rushed past them down the Hill
Grunting and squealing: Pay no heed
To the fools! It's swill! It's swill!
Death lure of nations.

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