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DE PROFUNDIS, by            
First Line: My soul! / can this as truth abide
Last Line: We only die.
Subject(s): Bethlehem, Palestine; Death; Graves; Jesus Christ; Dead, The; Tombs; Tombstones

My Soul!
Can this as truth abide,
That in the light which beamed
From riven tomb and manger-altar side
I have but dreamed?

Was there no Holy Child
In Bethlehem's stable born?
No sacrifice on Calvary's dark hillside,
Nor Easter morn?

God of our fathers, speak;
Savior long-promised, come!
Where shall we find the truth our spirits seek,
If thou art dumb?

Nature flows on apace,
Unchanged and undisturbed;
Science reveals each year a nobler grace;
From Thee, no word.

We stagger towards the end;
A close-locked door we meet;
"Father," we call Thee, but we find no friend.
O wandering feet!

Woe! Woe!
Passed is the faith of yore;
Our graves yawn very nigh;
And like the millions who have loved before,
We only die.

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