Poetry Explorer- Classic Contemporary Poetry, THE GLORY OF 'THE WHITE MAN'S BURDEN', by AMELIA WOODWARD TRUESDELL

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First Line: Aye, take 'the white man's burden'
Last Line: Nor liberty mere creed.
Subject(s): Freedom; Imperialism; Kipling, Rudyard (1865-1936); War; Liberty

Aye, take "The White Man's Burden,"
And glory in the place
Mutations of strange peoples
Have thrust upon your race.
Reck not the price it costs you,
Though it be the "best ye breed,"
For Freedom is no phantasm,
Nor Liberty mere creed.

Strong in your might of master,
Strong in your brawn and pride,
Ye have the hand unflinching
"In patience to abide."
Cleave prison walls of darkness,
The former centuries' dower;
Let in the light of knowledge,
Though blows seem cruel power.

Despair not of the burden;
God's prophet felt the stress,
The murmurs of weak Israel
Still in the wilderness.
The promised land's true blessing
Those "fluttered folk" shall know,
When they behold their country
To nobler measure grow.

Accept "The White Man's Burden"
As duty's master-stroke;
The freeman's high ideal
"Your weariness shall cloak."
And future years shall show it
To those who give you jeers,
There is a verdict higher
Than "The judgment of your peers."

Rich generations gave you
The brain to think and plan;
Grudge not the æons' blessings
To this "child-devil" man.
Hold fast "The White Man's Burden,"
Though grudged the patriot's meed;
For Freedom is no phantasm,
Nor Liberty mere creed.

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