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First Line: How still a house can be on such a night!
Last Line: For they and I have lost our all, my dear!
Subject(s): Autumn; Grief; Houses; Seasons; Soul; Trees; Fall; Sorrow; Sadness


How still a house can be on such a night!
Through all the silent rooms I search in vain;
And kneeling by the couch where you have lain,
I close my eyes, and strive to conquer fright --
To conquer loneliness and see a light
Where there is none -- where there is only pain
Mingled with tears that fall like summer rain.
Can this be death, this somber starless height?

If I kneel on, perhaps our souls may meet --
And mine may find the peace your touch could bring;
Perhaps your hand will lift my sorrow's shroud,
For you and I were one when life was sweet.
Remember how we loved the hills in spring?
O then my heart was light as drifting cloud!


This room that you and I and love once shared
Is filled with mellow light from harvest moon,
Reminding me that frost has come too soon --
Exacting toll of autumn leaves that dared
To face the chill of death in robes prepared
Of gold, or dipped in wine or rich maroon.
Your death has left my heart a tear-washed dune --
I never knew how much I really cared!

I will go out and walk beneath the stars,
And seek the woods for healing and relief.
This room held happiness when you were here,
But now its walls resemble prison bars.
The barren trees will understand my grief --
For they and I have lost our all, my dear!

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