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Subject: SWINGS
Matches Found: 17

A RECEIPT TO CURE A LOVE FIT, by ANONYMOUS    Poem Text                
First Line: Tie one end of a rope fast over a beam
Last Line: And leave all the rest of the work to the string
Subject(s): Crickets;healing;love;swings; Cures

A SWING SONG, by WILLIAM ALLINGHAM    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Swing, swing / sing, sing
Last Line: Slow -- slow -- slow -- slow.
Alternate Author Name(s): Pollex, D.; Walker, Patricius
Subject(s): Swings

A SWINGING SONG, by MARY HOWITT    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Merry it is on a summer's day
Last Line: And shake the old tree as we swing—we swing!
Alternate Author Name(s): Botham, Mary
Subject(s): Swings

BIG SWING-TREE IS GREEN AGAIN, by MARY JANE CARR    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
Last Line: All the children waiting turns, %standing in a row
Subject(s): Swings; Trees

ELEMENTAL PEA, by LYNN DOIRON    Poem Source                
First Line: After mumbling elemental-pea, que
Last Line: From the swing, I planed a vision
Subject(s): Grandparents; Swings

EVERY SO OFTEN, by JON PINEDA    Poem Source                
First Line: The porch swing moves, slightly
Last Line: At the swing again. This time %it is still and stays
Subject(s): Swings

IN THE SWING, by BURGES JOHNSON    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: I love to swing so high, so high
Last Line: The world turns right side up again.
Subject(s): Children; Swings; Childhood

SWING, by SARAT MUKHOPADHYAYA    Poem Source                
First Line: The white cloud sways like laundry drying
Last Line: Their dusty feet once touch the ground %then aim at the sky
Subject(s): Autumn; Seasons; Swings

SWING HIGH, SWING LOW, by MARJORIE COLES SMITH    Poem Text                
First Line: Laughter trills down from the blossoming
Last Line: Then sink to the ground, little maid.
Subject(s): Swings

SWINGING, by GRACE DENIO LITCHFIELD    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: Higher, higher, farther away
Last Line: Oh, swing me! Oh, swing me! Oh, swing me!
Subject(s): Children; Desire; Swings; Childhood

First Line: Git yo' little fillies ready
Last Line: Keno! Promenade to seats
Subject(s): Dancing & Dancers;parties;swings

THE SHOOGY-SHOO, by WINTHROP PACKARD    Poem Text                
First Line: I do be thinking, lassie, of the old days now
Last Line: Thinking of the old days upon the shoogy-shoo.
Subject(s): Memory; Swings

THE SWING, by PORTIA MARTIN    Poem Text                
First Line: Jared ran under me
Last Line: With johnny's hair purple and red in the sun.
Subject(s): Play; Swings

THE SWING, by ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON    Poem Text                 Poet's Biography
First Line: How do you like to go up in a swing
Last Line: Up in the air and down!
Alternate Author Name(s): Stevenson, Robert Lewis Balfour
Variant Title(s): A Child's Garden Of Verses: 33
Subject(s): Children; Labor & Laborers; Swings; Childhood; Work; Workers

UP AND DOWN: 2. A SWING, by MARY JO SALTER    Poem Source                 Poet's Biography
First Line: A rope swing, hung from a tree
Last Line: And let your soul swing free %as a bell with a foreign tongue
Subject(s): Swings

First Line: He swings / on joyous wings
Last Line: The hermes feet shall lead him to the arches of the day.
Subject(s): Swings; Wellesley College

WINGS, by BARBARA LEE SHELLEY    Poem Source                
First Line: Swing!
Last Line: Like this
Subject(s): Memory; Swings