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A BALLADE OF OTHER IDOLS, by                     Poet's Biography
First Line: Hail! Astarte of far phoenice
Last Line: "other idols men love to-day."
Subject(s): Yale University


HAIL! Astarte of far Phoenice,
Hail! O Dagon, the Shammothite,
Hail! O Rulers of Golden Greece,
Splendid gods of the sun and the light --
Ye who were strong and brave and bright,
Who has taken your strength away?
"We may not say who has shorn our might --
Other idols men love to-day."


Keels that sundered the Danish seas
Are gone with the galleys of Sidon's might,
And the wealth of the Golden Chersonese
Is lost in the fathomless mid-sea night.
The gates of Carthage are gray with blight,
And lepers inhabit their decay.
Baal and Moloch have taken flight --
Other idols men love to-day.


For higher merchantmen master the seas,
And the lands are linked together with light,
And the newer gods make the new decrees,
As they rein the world with a newer might.
And still men drain their days of delight,
Forgetful when other men shall say,
After their greatness is naught and night:
"Other idols men love to-day."


Prince, we hold it is meet and right
That ever from age to age they say,
As they front the dawn or salute the night:
"Other idols men love to-day."

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