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EVENING, by                
First Line: There are some white clouds floating by
Last Line: The weary souls akin.
Subject(s): Earth; Nature; Soul; World

There are some white clouds floating by,
On blue up there so high,
I love to watch the patterns form
As they roll past my eye.
I hear the poplars rustling soft,
While sighing gently bent.
The mocking bird he's singing gay
Some measures only lent.

The shining corn blades stretching up,
While growing strong and fine.
Small apple trees all fringed with leaves
Are waving all the time.
The glowing sun is dropping now,
While tinting gold the grass.
A soothing breeze it cools my brow
All earth gorgeous in mass!

And blooming flowers perfume the air
A brook gurgles below.
The window panes all bright and gay,
The sun has touched aglow.
There's something grand in nature's way!
An echo wells within
My soul. How God above does bless
The weary souls akin.

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