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MY GARDEN, by                
First Line: When I see the sun ashining
Last Line: It's enough to make you laugh!
Subject(s): Gardens & Gardening; Harvest; Soil; Spring; Vegetables

When I see the sun ashining
I'm excited in the spring!
I am guessing the color
Of the tulips in the ring.
Of course there is my rosebush
Over there beside the walk;
Pause and look, the leaves are
Greening all along on every stalk.

When I see the wheat awaving
Out yonder across the plain,
It's a promise for the harvest,
And we had a glorious rain!
I must get my hoe and shovel
From behind the woodshed door,
I am dreaming of a garden
And of vegetables galore.

It seems I get an uplift
Just digging in the soil,
And so as many another,
Who wants reward for toil.
No one can beat my harping
And growling -- give me room,
When I see a bug achewing
Of my "taters" in the bloom.

When I see the lettuce curling
And glowing in the sun,
It's a titbit for my breakfast,
Oh, how fine with fluffy bun!
Of course there are my onions
Over there along the path,
Beans and carrots and tomatoes
It's enough to make you laugh!

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